Networking Conditions

Does your networking have certain conditions to adhere to in order to be functional? There is nothing wrong in having a niche way of networking, building relationships and developing your personal or professional brand. As a matter of fact, it is an excellent metrics or measuring system for success!

Listed below are ways to get the most out of your networking schemes.

Picky Chooser

One of your networking conditions is venue and location. Perhaps you will not network on one particular side of town, or in one area or zone. You may find your niche market or target audience concentrated in a particular area of town. Perhaps you only attend events hosted by certain groups. These groups have a track record of offering great events that are productive for your networking objectives. Perhaps you only want to associate with certain groups. These groups have a proven track record of attracting the right people for following up and building quality relations.

Time of Day

Another condition for you is the time of a networking event. You have noticed that depending on the time, you can meet different types of people. Your crowd may be the lunch crew. They have time in the afternoon to talk, develop relations and follow up. Perhaps your like the night owls who come out for mix and mingles in the evenings. They are more casual and relaxed after winding down for a long day of work. Or perhaps you are intrigued with the early birds or the morning crew. They are super efficient and get more done by 12 noon, than most of us do for the entire day.

Cost Factor

Another networking condition is the cost of the event. It seems like you have found out that price plays a significant role in who is committed and serious about their networking. If there is no entrance fee, then you are not attending or showing support. Sometimes, putting in a financial investment is a determining or weeding mechanism. Call it what you may, but it is another form of metrics or measuring in the game of networking.

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