Why Every Start-Up Business Needs a Fitting Logo?

The fitting logo for start-ups

To say that every start-up business needs a logo must sound like a cliché but to say every start-up business needs a fitting logo, I think is befitting. Why? Because a logo is a summation of your business. But before venturing further, let’s define the term logo.

What is a logo?

A logo is a portrait of a business or an organisation. Now we have to understand that the term portrait is not literal because the logo is only a representation of the business and not the business itself. While the logo may not be the business, the logo is an embodiment of the business. The logo signifies the presence of an organisation and therefore carries with it the business atmosphere.

In a conference for instance, the logo says hey, this business occupies a space here. The logo is therefore like the stand-in of a son for the father or mother. The logo can consequently be thought of as the face of the organisation and a symbol of honour. With this understanding let’s see how logo’s are represented.

I have no doubt that you have some knowledge about this area, seeing there are logos everywhere we turn these days. What I however, rather hope to achieve is to add a little bit of depth and insight to your understanding so that you can make some informed decision when choosing or commissioning a logo for your business or organisation. And if I can do this, my goal here would be accomplished.

There are usually three ways by which logos are depicted. The first one on our list is by image in the form of a symbol or icon. This is very common in our days for we see samples from organisations like Apple and Nike using them. Thus one can choose a symbol or image to associate with their vision. Whether the image has a literal relationship to your vision or not, is perhaps immaterial at the moment.

Most logos carry taglines and thus you hear or see Nike saying ‘Just do it” or Tesco informing customers that ‘every little counts’. The tagline also tells customers what a business stands for.

The second way be which logos are designed is via abbreviations and this is also not far from any of us. BBC, KFC, LCC and many more, are all around us. We are so used to these types of logo’s that a number of us don’t know what the full meaning of some of these ‘logo abbreviations’ are.

If in any doubt ask someone to tell you what LCC in the UK means. While they may be forgiven because they don’t run a business, the point is to prove how good abbreviations are in representing organisations.

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