Shaping a Successful Resource Box For

As much as article marketing should be informative and enjoyable to read, it should also entice the reader to go to your website. Actually, that’s the reason why you’re writing these articles in the first place – to get potential customers to visit your site and hopefully purchase products or services from you.

Your article might be great. It could answer all the reader’s questions. However, as important as the content is the bio box that should be found at the end of the article.

The resource box contains all the information that the reader should know about you and your company. Required in the bio box is your name and title in the company, the website of your company, your unique selling proposition (what makes your product/service different from everyone else’s), and your call to action (where you lead them to visit your website and purchase something!). These are the basic components of the resource box.

For online article marketing, it would do you good to add more things to these basic components. It could be from a mailing subscription address to your contact information – whatever you could include to enhance your credibility to the reader. But remember to keep the bio box small, around 15% of your article size. The resource box is a tool, not the article by itself.

You could further customize your resource box, but there are some things you shouldn’t add. You shouldn’t dilute the resource box with websites and advertisements which are not related to your topic. Likewise, information such as your achievements will do nothing to help your article.

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