Linux Command Tutorials – Using the Info Command to Get Help With a Linux Command Or Linux Concept

As part of your Linux training, it is vital that you clearly understand common concepts, like: how to boot Linux, the file system, and how to create a user.

Another part of your training needs to involve learning how to use commands. This is because commands – and not GUI utilities – are by far and away the best way to do System Administration tasks.

Fortunately, Linux has a command named info that allows you to see “info pages” on a concept or command.


Linux Training Tips: Some Linux distributions (versions) come with lots of info pages installed (over 500) on all kinds of terms, concepts and commands. However, others only have a few.

If you run the Linux commands shown below yourself, you’ll have a mini command tutorial – a great way to get practical “hands-on” training..


Linux Commands Training Tips: The Linux System Administration commands and examples covered here apply to: Fedora, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Slackware, Debian, SUSE, openSUSE, Red Hat – and ALL other Linux distributions.

Linux Info Command Tutorial

Some info pages have a Menu of items to choose from and others don’t.

For example, the info page for the mkdir (make directory) command is just a one page and doesn’t have a Menu. You just read the information on the screen and scroll down as you’re reading.

However, some info pages, like the page for the grep command, do have a menu.

Using the Linux Info Command – To Get Help on a Command

Run the following command as an example of running info to learn about the mkdir command to see a single page.

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