Is Your White Siding on Your House Becoming Speckled With Black Tiny Dots?

Artillery Fungus is a nightmare, what is it, how to get rid of it, and how to locate the area were it might grow on your property. Artillery Fungus discharges a messy spore into the air. The spore shoots twenty feet toward lighted areas like white siding, lightly colored cars, and even glass windows. On windy days, these spores can travel for miles, affecting a lot of property. These tiny black doted spores are easy to spot on your white or lightly colored property.

Remove spores as soon as possible lessens staining occurrence to property. Cleaning the tiny black spores off of your property can be challenging. There are chemicals that you can buy to remove the tiny black spores from your property at your local hardware store. Power Washers have worked well to remove the spores. You can buy different step cleaners that work very well with the Power Washers. I myself prefer the Power Washer for time saving, if a lot of cleaning is needed. If you have a little, then a hand rag will do the job.

Once you have cleaned your property of this nasty fungus, now it is time to locate where it is coming from. Look for an orange mushroom like object in your mulch, or on wood objects alive or dead. Check areas around trees and shrubs for this fungus. Even check along your property foundation. Cedar chips are usually more resistant to this fungus.

You can buy non-wood mulch that is fully resistant to fungus, and will prevent this issue in the future. If you notice this fungus in your mulch, you can rake your mulch or replace your mulch with new mulch. Also if you have wood out doors, this is a perfect setting for this type of fungus. Check all areas close to your house, and ask your neighbors too also.

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