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If you have been a shopper or consumer for any length of time you already know about coupons. Some people call them free coupons because they didn’t pay anything to get them. There is a way to take the ordinary everyday coupon and stretch its value.

Hopefully you already know about them but if you don’t, probably the most common way is called the double coupon. With a double coupon, the store doubles the face value of the coupon. If you are shopping at a store that does double, you now have a coupon worth twice the face value.

Some stores will only double up to a certain amount. For example, they limit the double amount to a number like sixty cents. On the other side of the coin, there are stores that do not offer doubles. They only accept your coupons at face value.

Believe it or not, some retailers will do what is called triple coupons. Don’t get too excited because this is a very rare species of couponing. The stores that will triple your coupon actually triple the value of your coupon.

What you find with this offer is that it almost always is up to a certain value. If you take the sixty cents mentioned above, a $.60 coupon would be worth $1.80 in a full triple offer.

Another way you stretch the value of your coupon is called stacking. You stack a particular store’s coupons with your manufacturer coupons. You get a manufacturer’s coupon usually through home mailers, store ads, flyers and the stores’ monthly magazines.

This practice makes it worthwhile to be on your store’s mailing list. The underlying idea to using coupons is to save money. Taking advantage of all the ways to save money only makes sense.

In this day and age, a grocery store without a loyalty card is almost non-existent. A smart shopper has a loyalty card for every store they shop. They get the card because this is often the only way a shopper will be able to take advantage of in-store and unannounced sale prices.

Sometimes stores will accept coupons that have already expired. Don’t get too excited about this savings vehicle because not many stores like the idea of taking expired coupons. Plus if the store does accept this type of coupon, the accepted expiration dates can’t be longer than from 3 months to up to 6 months out.

Another consumer bonus is the store that will accept competitor’s coupons. Some stores will even double the value of those coupons. It is a marketing tactic that benefits the consumer in several obvious ways. This type of strategy doesn’t usually run for any length of time so if you see it you best take advantage of it.

Free coupons definitely can give you your money’s worth. However, if you add the above tips and tricks to your shopping arsenal you will probably pocket more savings than you would have otherwise.

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