Blog Marketing – 4 Undeniable Reasons to Start Blogging

As a savvy web marketer, you know that building traffic to your website is a slow but steady process and that you should never rely on one method alone. Search engine optimization, article writing, viral techniques and pay-per-click adverts all have their part to play in bringing visitors to your message.

Another method, which is less understood, is blogging. Too many people dismiss blogging as merely a diary for egotists, who want to share their opinions with the world.

Well it is that, but it is also a serious business tool with important implications for anyone looking to round out their marketing method portfolio. Here are 4 key reasons to get blogging.

Reason #1 – Blogging is about interactivity. The whole idea is for individuals to interact with the many. Posts generate interest, comments and feedback from your readers. Whether they like what you have to say or they are infuriated (not very likely), they now have the chance to interact with you and give you their comments straight back.

What this really means is a chance to further enhance your relationship with your potential customers, allow them to get to know you better and feel comfortable with you. This will always reap sales dividends further down the line.

Reason #2 – Every post creates a ping. For those who don’t know, a ping is a message that the blogging software sends out to a host of RSS feeds, search engines and content sites to let the world know every time you post a message in your blog.

Those pings automatically set off a reaction in the blog spiders which eagerly come and take a look at your content in order to index it. The more you post, the more buzz you create; what could be better than that?

Reason #3 – Blogs create links. Each post and its pinged content is an extra link to the outside world and further cements the networked relationship that your content has with the rest of the internet. Every link is another chance for a new prospect to find you by another route.

It is an old adage of web marketing that the more links you have, tying you in to the rest of the network, the better your search rankings will be and that is one of the cornerstones of high traffic volumes.

Reason #4 – It’s Free! The most compelling reason for using blogging technology is that it costs nothing. Like all the best parts of the internet, free means viral and mass appeal. Somewhere out there, your prospects are waiting for your message to catch their eye. The more times you can get it out there and the less it costs you, the more chance you have of running a thriving and profitable business.

So if you haven’t dipped your toe into the world of blogging yet, or you think it’s irrelevant to you, then think again. Don’t get left behind in the race for traffic.

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