13 Tips for Airline Travel With Kids

As the traveling season draws close, many of you will travel by plane. Although it isn’t something we do often anymore (we are the road trip family, you know), we certainly have done our share of time in planes. A few things we’ve learned…


    1. Sometimes just being able to listen to the onboard music can keep a kid entertained for awhile – especially if it is a small child. Bring along your own cheap headset for kids.


    1. Airplane snack boxes provide great entertainment, and even a source of pride. We all know that the snack boxes are overpriced; so what, you are on vacation, right? The kids are bound to ask for them, and before you automatically say no, consider the fact that they probably have fun things in them that the kids may not have seen before. They are also likely to keep the kids busy for quite some time as they sort through their treats and decide what they’d like to eat first. Consider having each kid do a special extra job before they leave home, and then remember to pay them right before the snack boxes go around. Being able to buy themselves something so grown up is a really fun thing for kids. And besides, don’t treats you buy ALWAYS taste better than those from home?


  1. Collapsible water bottles can be pretty darn handy. They fold up small and can be filled once you’re through security. A thirsty kid is a grumpy kid. But stick with water, a seatmate sticky from spilled juice or soda is a grumpy seatmate.


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