Some of the Famous British Tabloids

Considered as a renowned counterpart of British press, British tabloids do not only make news colorful or simpler but also sensational. Although, majority of tabloids from around the world usually talk about celebrities, the interesting truth about British tabloids is that they sensationalized news about celebrities – be it in the sports, politics, entertainment, or business industry.

One of the most famous British tabloids at present is “The Sun” which was established on Septembers 15, 1964 and owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Corporation. It is considered as the most popular tabloid in Ireland and the United Kingdom with more than 3 million copies printed everyday. Although said tabloid often centers in the lives of celebrities, it also coves stories about security scandals and domestic abuse.

Another prominent British tabloid is “The Daily Mail” which was first published in 1896. Said tabloid is owned by the Daily Mail and General Trust and has a daily readership of more than two million. The Daily Mail is the oldest British tabloid and is the 12th-largest circulation English tabloid in the world.

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