British Insurance Ltd V The Royal Air Force – The War Of The RAF Roundel, Now Used As A Logo

British Insurance Ltd, which is a UK company directed by Simon Burgess, have a blue, red and white ‘target’ logo which is also strangely familiar as the RAF (Royal Air Force) ‘roundel‘ used on their aircraft.

The RAF roundel was first seen in 1914 on the underside of Royal Flying Corps planes on the Western Front. The roundel was used to distinguish the RAF aircraft from the German aircraft. It was thought that if the traditional Union flag was used it could have been seen as a cross like the ones used on enemy planes. This of course could have disastrous consequences!

British Insurance Ltd applied to use a ‘target’ as its trademark in 2005, but have now run into problems with the RAF, who have surprised many recently, by launching a range of swimwear and clothes featuring the ’roundel’ symbol.

In January 2007, Defence Secretary Des Browne objected to British Insurance Ltd’s trademark application on the grounds that the roundel is ‘instantly recognisable’ as an RAF symbol.

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