British Gas Bribes Us With the Gift of Light

If, like me, you have been pleasantly surprised to find a pack of four energy saving light bulbs in your post box, courtesy of British Gas, have you also wondered how this seemingly charitable act can possibly work in their favour? British Gas have been quietly sending out 52 million (yes… million!) light bulbs to customers over recent weeks in an apparent attempt to encourage householders to save energy, save money and save the planet! Not only will the light bulbs reduce your carbon footprint, you will also save around £18.50 a year off your British Gas energy bill. A very ‘green’ gesture indeed.

Surely that’s a double-whammy, own-goal hit to BG’s profits, isn’t it? Why do they think it’s such a good idea then? In a world where everyone is concerned about disappearing ozone layers and stratospheric energy costs, the attempt to do something positive, however small, will be generally perceived as both attractive and very worthy indeed. British Gas clearly hope we will remember how selflessly they have acted in helping us to help ourselves and how concerned they are too about the very same issues as consumers.

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