A Must-Read for British Expats – Top Destinations for British Expatriates in Europe

This is for British expats who are looking for great European destinations to travel, work, or live for retirement. For those who have been living abroad for so long, retiring to a place where you and your family will feel comfortable is the ultimate satisfaction or simply travelling and spending some time in another country for a vacation is an excellent way to relax and enjoy.

Europe is a favorite retirement destination of American and British expats simply because it is where the most amazing landscapes and spectacular beaches are, no matter how expensive life there can be. Seven of the most loved destinations are Austria, Italy, France, Malta, Monaco, Spain, and Switzerland. Retiring in a foreign country, especially in some European countries, retirees have to make sure that they have sufficient funds in their bank accounts.

Living abroad for a number of years make most people think that they are used to the climate and the culture of other countries. However, it still pays to research about the country one intends to settle in, especially if you haven’t been to the country you plan to retire. Aside from familiarizing with the climate, culture, the place, and the people, it is also important to know more about a country’s expatriate health insurance policies, the cost of living, health and medical benefits, etc.

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