How Long Will a DUI or DWI Stay on Your Police Record?

Your criminal history can have a significant impact in that it affects the ability to get a job, a loan, security check, and many other pertinent things. Once a person gets arrested and or convicted of a crime, a criminal history is recorded and usually stays on your record in perpetuity. A criminal history record is made up of two parts, the first part is the record of arrests and the second part is the record of convictions. A conviction record is made when an accused either pleads guilty or is found guilty by a jury at trial.

The record of arrest remains even if your case is dismissed. However, a record of arrest and a record of conviction can be removed from the public record by Order of Expungement. To gain an Order of Expungement, one must file an Application for Expungement that consists of several forms and attachments, including the booking information and court recordings of the proceedings, called minutes.

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