Diagnosing Children With Asthma – Why Is It Complicated?

It is always a very complicated task to diagnose someone with asthma but diagnosing a baby is much more difficult than an adult. Most of the doctors almost never diagnose asthma in babies under 2 years of age because they can’t do any scientifically proven tests which could confirm this diagnosis. Only some advanced medical institutions carry out that kind of tests but most of them still have experimental status.

The methods of diagnosing your child will be different depending on how old he is. If your child is still an infant then prepare yourself for a lot of questions about his and your medical history as well as his symptoms but if your kid is more than 4 years old then it is easier to make a more precise diagnosis by the help of different tests.

There are some asthma specialists who can try to diagnose babies with asthma even if they are under 1 years of age.

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