CNC News – A New Voice of China Has Been Launched

Although the whole world has globalised and many innovative changes have taken place but the minds of the people are still running on the single track of discrimination between the races and there is quite a difference in the way that the Eastern world is looked up. The recent launch of the English language channel of China called the CNC looks quite productive but the critics are afraid that it may behold the international audiences skeptically especially as it will not be able to win the hearts of the westerners.

The latest global news channel is going to turn out a new source of information for the global audience. After the success story of many globalised channels in English China also planned this launch so that it could also have a media platform with the global influence but with their own agenda in mind.

Though this is certainly not the first globalised English medium channel of China which offers 24/7 service but the real problem is that though the CNC channel is being broadcasted globally providing global news round the clock Chinese people will not be able to view the channel and this sure stand out the biggest flaw with the launch of this channel.

There are many Chinese people who have mastered the English language and the foreigners in China can also get all the global news by watching this channel but the real fact is that it is unavailable for them and sure will be an obstacle in the growth of the Chinese Economy.

All this is certainly is because of a political purpose which really creates a climate of strict censorship but still there are ways that the CNC world will pave the road to the top of the developing world. As until know no other channel has seen successfully established and held a dominance position. Most of the government channels of China are actually the eye and the tongue of the ruling party of China and they deliver the news according to the set restrictions by the governing party.

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