The Written Word on Personal Spiritual Perfection

We each have a goal of perfection, as it is personal, spiritual perfection. There is an existing witness of that goal, here on the earth, a witness of its achievement. Only God can create such perfection, and only God can place a witness of that perfection here on the earth.

The Bible portrays spiritual perfection as being the highest attainment by which human growth is governed and predicated here on earth. It is not easy to find clear definitions of humanity’s highest spiritual priorities but if we review the Bible under the open heavens prophetic anointing we see that when people know God intimately we have only one dominant ambition, one all consuming desire, and that is to become as we are in our domain like Him as he is in his heavenly personality perfection, and in his domain of righteous supremacy. The Father of all the heaven of heavens and the universe of universes, who inhabits absolute unquestionable perfection in all eternity and infinity, has spoken a single and supreme mandate to all beings:

Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.

Many Christians and non-Christians that I have met have told me, “Well, I never really took that for real. I don’t even know what that stuff about perfection actually that means. I never saw one preacher or priest living up to that command and so I thought it was just something for heaven later on. And it seemed to me that the highest church authorities thought that too.”

So I’m just letting you know now.

From the highest source, from the first source of authority, the first source of love, the only source of perfection, there issues a gravity, a drawing power upon us, which is pure, unadulterated, infinite and personal perfection. It is a perfection that is perfect for each individual at the vast array of different stages of growth.

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