Personal Development for Writers: Seven Ways to Increase Your Writing Range and Raise Your Income

Earning a living from writing is challenging. You will earn more if you challenge yourself instead of waiting for the challenges to come to you. Many good writers don’t succeed commercially because they don’t have a game plan and they wait for luck to send a break their way. You’ll have better luck if you stack the odds in your favor by following a personal development strategy for your writing business. Here are seven strategies you can use to increase your writing range and boost your income potential in the process.

1. Develop a Writing Business Plan

If you just want to write for fun without making money, that’s fine; but if you want to earn a living writing, you should treat your writing as a business. This means you should develop a business plan for your writing.

Some of the most important items your plan should cover include:

Income goals: How much income do I need to generate from my writing to meet my overall financial goals?

Career options: What type of writing can I do to generate that level of income? A few examples of writing specialties: business writing, copywriting, grant writing, medical writing, and technical writing. There are dozens more that could be listed.

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