Getting Your Child Into Showbiz!

Brooke Shields was just 11-months-old when she launched her career in an Ivory Soap commercial while Jodie Foster took her first wobbly steps to fame as the adorable bare-bottomed three-year-old in the Coppertone suntan lotion ad campaign. It’s almost a given that many of today’s superstars started honing their craft before they could speak in complete sentences.

If you think your little diva or prince is an Academy Award winner or cover girl waiting to happen, be forewarned that there is no magic formula for success. It’s a combination of luck, persistence and commitment and when you’re young, looks will only get you but so far.

Judy Battista of Parkside Talent in Florham Park, NJ has been a personal manager for 10 years. She grooms children between the ages of 4 – 12 for musical theater and commercial opportunities. She got her start as a stage mom guiding her own daughter through stints on off-Broadway, Broadway and television. “I look for a child who is outgoing, has personality and they can not be shy,” says Battista.

Photographer Linda Bohm echoes those sentiments, “Personality is more important than looks because it gives you great expression,” says Bohm who specializes in children and animals. “I don’t shoot fashion, I shoot consumer. I’m looking for heart.”

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