Best Dressed Non-Showbiz Celebs

Fashion and the regular best-dressed list that pop up regular several times a year are usually associated naturally with models in the fashion industry and actors and actresses of film, television, theater and the like. But wouldn’t it be interesting to now who’s the best-dressed non-fashion and non-showbiz personality out there today? For example, who would you consider to be the best-dressed US government official today? And who would you consider to be the best-dressed member of royalty.

If you ask the magazine Vanity Fair, they would immediately point to Condoleezza Rice. The US Secretary of State was recently named among the magazine’s list of 10 best dressed women.

In choosing Rice, Vanity Fair hailed her “renegade” fashion sense as seen through her obvious fascination with “dominatrix” boots that she seems to favor a lot and which seem to have grown on her. Vanity Fair said that Rice was almost always “immaculately groomed” and that she radiated “an audacious renegade streak, not to mention her black knee-high dominatrix boots.” To our knowledge, that was the first time that an international best-dressed list has ever contained the name of a US Secretary of State.

It must be noted that Rice is also one of the most skillful and well-rounded public figures in US politics today. Ever since she assumed office in January, she has slowly revealed different facets of her personality to the public, including a rigorous fitness routine which she undertakes at dawn every day, superb skill at the piano which learned observers say is concert level and, of course, that published photograph of her wearing the knee-high “dominatrix” boots mentioned earlier.

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