The Unwanted Erect Penis: Hiding the Bulge

An unwanted erect penis? Some men would say there’s no such thing, but the fact is that in some settings a man really doesn’t want to pop a trouser tent. While a frequent bulge does indicate good penis health, that same erect penis that is such a source of pride (and pleasure) in the right environment can be embarrassing in others. Knowing strategies for hiding a sudden bulge can help a guy project the appropriate chill in such situations.

Not just for the over-endowed

Some people may assume that a noticeably erect penis is something that only men with abnormally large penises worry about, but the fact is that almost all guys with penises of even modest lengths have experienced a situation where a boner has been conspicuous.

Sometimes that’s exactly what is wanted, of course. But usually when a man is standing in front of a crowd of people at a conference or making a presentation, he would rather people were staring at his slides. He doesn’t want to be the butt of jokes about how ‘excited’ he must be about his subject!

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