Chiropractic Practice Marketing – How to Create New Patient Referrals Through Patient Satisfaction

On the seemingly endless quest for new patients and new sources of referrals, Doctors of Chiropractic often forget to show existing patients how much they appreciate them. Although usually an honest mistake, it is also a very serious one. Although I say this frequently it bears repeating, one of the best sources of new patients are the happy and satisfied patients already present in your practice. Take these easy steps to ensure you have happy patients who look forward to visiting your office. Focusing on creating happy and healthy patients may be the best chiropractic marketing you’ve ever done!

There is an old saying in chiropractic: “Take care of your patients and they will take care of you”.  It is very true that satisfied patients will happily pay for services rendered. Even more importantly, they will be more likely to refer new patients to your practice. They will send new patients that you can help lead down a path to health and wellness. The monetary gains are just icing on the cake!   When an existing patient refers a new patient it is an opportunity to begin educating, adjusting, and improving the health of that patient. Focusing on improving the health of patients and creating satisfied patients is imperative. This ensures the best interests of the patient are always the driving force of care. When this satisfied patient gets the opportunity, they too will refer a new patient. Practices that create happy and satisfied patients simultaneously build an internal and self driven new chiropractic patient referral source on autopilot!    This is a winning scenario for everyone involved. Patients get healthy and doctors get the opportunity to improve quality of life while making a living. Now that you see the value in creating satisfied patients, let’s discuss five easy ways to establish the highest level of patient satisfaction in your practice.  

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