CRG Kart and It’s Journey To Kart Racing Recognition

In the world of shifter kart racing, CRG is world-renowned. Even so, it was not always like that. When the founders started CRG, it was originally known as Kali Kart. Carlo Vanaria, Roberto Vanaria and Giancarlo Tinini created the company in the 1970’s, under the Kali Kart name. Kali Kart was not really recognized in the world of Go Kart Racing prior to the 1980’s, nonetheless. It was at about that period that Kali Karts started producing World Champions. One of those winners was a famous go-kart racer named Mike Wilson.

The Name Change:

The actual basis for the changing of the company name from Kali Karts to CRG is not entirely understood. It’s assumed that the leaders wanted to create a new reputation for the business, though. Just what is clearly understood is precisely why they opted for the name CRG.

• C – Carlo
• R – Roberto
• G – Giancarlo

Though it might not have been the most imaginative name change, the business has proven itself to be very inventive, generally speaking. An example of those imaginative moves was to join forces with Dino Chiesa, one of the best chassis mechanics in the world of shifter kart racing. That team work has proven to be quite valuable to CRG.

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