Threely – World’s Shortest URL For Short URLs

You knew it would happen. In a world of people posting links to links and URLs to URLs, a market has emerged to create shorter URLs. has been the forerunner in the field, but many others exist. best url shortener

These are all sites that create a short URL that will redirect to another, presumably longer one. It’s a forwarding service.

In an effort to glean a corner of the short URL market someone decided to make it as short as possibly- That’s it, the entire domain name.

Surprisingly, there’s some controversy with domain name shorteners and in some cases they’re even banned. The trouble revolves around people using them to submit banned sites on comment boards. The hazards are fairly obvious to envision seeing as how you have no idea where you might end up when you click the link. This article outlines some common usage and pitfalls of URL shorteners.

A note of curiosity regarding the domain name itself, the .ly extension belongs to the country Libya. The domains are managed by and can be purchased through a certified reseller. Overall it appears to be a valid process, though I can’t shake the feeling of walking through a third world market trying to keep my wallet away from some guy’s pet monkey. The annual fee is ~$75/yr.

The other curious note about their domain is the 3. Try to register and it will tell you it’s an invalid domain. Apparently they lowered the bar for the .ly extension to a single character. is taking a stab at a market that’s already a couple hundred competitors full. So much for being first to the marketplace. But, they do have the whizzbang about them in that they truly have a short URL. Perhaps their biggest problem is that is doesn’t look like a URL at all. Unless you’re familiar with running from monkeys in the Mideast.

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