renovation projects

Other renovation projects entail calling in experts to build additions, lay carpet, or significantly alter the landscaping. While each of these renovations can make your house more beautiful and livable, they can also disrupt your life for extended periods of time and cost a hefty bundle of money. Smaller renovation efforts, such as adding window treatments or accent pieces, can improve the appearance of your home, but do nothing to increase its value or improve its healthfulness. Painting can make big improvements in appearance, but requires excess labor and can sometimes require the use of experts if lead or asbestos are found. Replacing old floor materials with high gloss laminate flooring, on the other hand, is both effective and affordable.

Why Replace Old Floors?

Old materials can decrease the value, comfort, and even the health of a domicile. Carpets are notorious for holding onto years of dust, grime, and insect infestations, even after they have been cleaned. These allergens can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. The appearance of this flooring option is never as good as what it once was. Linoleum and vinyl tend to peel, crack, and stain, exposing the potentially unhealthful materials from which they are made and increasing the risk of injury due to tripping. Hardwood floors are lovely, but they tend to be easily damaged by direct sunlight, stains, and hard usage. Dents, gouges, and discolorations mar the appearance of the floor and the rooms. High gloss laminate, however, can eliminate all of these downfalls at an affordable price.

Cost Comparison

Cost is a major determining factor with any renovation project. Replacing old materials with wood, tile, carpet, or rolled vinyl requires professional installation, which can become quite costly. Inexpensive, self-sticking linoleum squares are easy and affordable, but they tend to peel and separate, leading to the need for future repairs and expense. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, is inexpensive to buy, easy to install, and requires practically no maintenance.

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